Children curiously and actively seek knowledge. This natural curiosity can be nourished in our pre-school in a rich environment. With multiple choices of activities a child can strengthen his/her self-esteem and self-awareness. The child also learns to respect others and how to work well in teams.

Pre-school is divided into two age groups, one consisting of 1-2.5 year old (toddlers), and the other of 2.5- 5 year old children. The toddlers are further divided so that a group of 12 children are taken care of by two teachers. In the older group, 4-5 teachers are working with about 25 kids.

When the child makes the transition to the older age group, the teachers facilitate a smooth and secure path. The parents will be kept informed as to how the transition is proceeding but need not become involved in the actual process.

The teachers have a role in facilitating the children’s need of knowledge and their curiosity to explore. They also act as role models and will contunue to comfort and inspire the children in their care.


Age 2½ - 5 years
Curriculum and workplan