Most of the children in compulsory school have previously attended our pre-school. This means that certain pupils in sixth grade have followed each other since the age of one. Similarly, the teachers have seen the pupils grow up and have been able to follow their progress.

The work between school and the after-school recreation centre is highly integrated. For these activities the children share all day both premises and teachers all day. This ensures continuity and serves as a flexible way of making all resource available to everyone. Our ambition is that pupils, parents and teachers will think of the school and recreation centre as one unit and thereby consider the term “school” to be non-distinguishing.

Our work is based on the national curriculum, Läroplan 94, which provides guiding principles for the general educational procedures. To accomplish the curriculum we use the Montessori Method of Education. The work procedure used in basic school resembles that used in pre-school. The pupils have certain freedom themselves to choose what activities to engage in. However, in comparison to pre-school, there are certain requirements that the pupil needs to meet.



Together with the teacher each pupil makes up a plan of the work to be done during a two-week period. The fulfilment of the work plan is validated at a follow up. It is obligatory to include all basic subjects into the planning.

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