As is the case everywhere else, the kitchen lies at the heart of the building. This is were the children go to tell Caroline and Maria how many there will be for lunch and snack, to get fruit, or to get the ingredients needed for the daily baking or maybe for a fresh packet of coffee for the teachers.

Lunches are prepared in the kitchen from the basic ingredients and great efforts are put into variations of food that are tasty, nourishing and colourful food. Milk and water are served during lunches. During the mornings, the children are given a small snack consisting of assorted fruits.

In the afternoon, we serve a richer snack consisting of porridge, yoghurt (“fil”) and muesli, milk and sandwiches, or similar. All bread is baked within the school kitchen and the school children do prepare it themselves. Even the younger children that are in pre-school regularly bake their own bread.

Children that have special needs when it comes to food, due to allergies, vegetarians etc, get their own particular food.