When the pupils are in grade 3-6 they take greater responsibility for their own learning process. They all work according to two-week plans that have been established by collaborative efforts with a teacher. Approximately 60% of their school time is given to their work plan core subjects and the remaining 40% is used for teaching group activities, i.e. sports, handcraft, language, free-choice, and to “pupils council”.

Our pupils have trained in working with individual development plans since they attended pre-school. This not only leads to them taking responsibilities and to develop unique personalities, but also sees them become well-trained in how to make the best use of their time in school for their own learning process. In general the pupils have extensive knowledge in the core-subjects, such as; Mathematics, English and Swedish. This will help them to score well in the National tests that are scheduled to appear in the fifth grade.



Our pupils attend classes in sports three times a week, with a total of three hours per week. 

Taking responsibility for the school environment and for maintenance is considered to be important. By having the pupils prepare salad and bake bread for lunches, we give responsibilities in a natural way. Every morning two pupils take part in the daily work of the school kitchen. Not only is this a fun way of learning crafts, but it is also an excellent way to integrate maths by converting and calculating portions in a recipe.