Most of the children start in our school when they are around one year old. Presently, we have two groups, each consisting of 12 toddlers. Together with the two teachers that guide each group, they spend their days in a highly stimulating and secure environment.

We put great importance on letting the children take their own time at an individual level to deal with situations that fascinate them. For instance, getting dressed, learning to serve one's self and pour milk at lunch, are activities that allow their self-esteemto grow and their identity to form.

The environment for the toddlers is adjusted to fit them. For example, there are chairs of 15 cm sitting-height and shelves are accessible for even the smallest children.

A lot of progress in language and speech skills is made at this age. We are concerned about this and provide a verbal environment by working with special materials, promoting voccabulary as well as using rhymes and songs.



A typical day at
the toddlers group:




7:00 School opens.

9:00 When all the children have arrived; fruit is served and enjoyed collectively. This is followed by individual choices, some may paint using an easel , some may read a book, whereas others find interest in jigsaws or peeling a potato.

11:00 One child is setting the table with the assistance of a grown-up. They bring lunch from the kitchen and eat seated together calmly.

12:30 Lunch has ended and the children dress for spending time outdoors. They have all visited the bathroom and based on individual needs will rest or sleep for different times outdoors in their own “carts”. After resting, they play outdoors.

14:30 Time to go indoors, quietly remove jackets etc. and then have afternoon meal.

15:30 Some of the children have gone home, the remaining are relaxing with activities that appeal to them, such as reading a book.

17:30 School closes.

The toddlers spend one whole morning per week outdoors with their teachers.