F means the first year at school. It is non-compulsory education, but almost all children go to F.

The first three school years follows the routines used during the pre-school period. When visiting the F-2 section one cannot simply separate an F-year pupil from a third-year pupil since they all work on individual levels. These levels are tailored to suit the needs of a particular pupil practicing a specified subject. For example, their mathematical skills all develop differently and therefore have to be monitored by their individual work plan. As a consequence some of the pupils in F-grade are actually working with the same material as the pupils in second grade. This promotes the pupils motivation at an individual level and reduces negative competition. The teachers monitor fulfilments of curriculum requirements so that all pupils meet the goals in all subjects.

Certain subjects are better learned as group activities. Sports, music and English are all examples of skills best taught in groups. We start teaching English already during first-year; primarily by using songs and rhymes but also by teaching words and phrases.